October 1st, 2006


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For the record, Ellie talks in her sleep. It's this weird murmuring that always freaks me out and makes me think we have some poor creature that's gotten stuck in the attic (or that I'm hearing things) until I notice that she's sacked out in the window or Jeff's chair or whatever. Then I reach over and pet her and she purrs and it stops (for awhile). It's so, so very cute.

We had a fantastic evening last night; my sister Hope and my cousin (well, one of my cousins; I have seven first cousins on my dad's side of my family, but Andrew is the one who I see the most, so he gets mentally slotted as "the cousin") came over, and we played Settlers and Upwords and Jeff made burgers and I made roasted potatoes and steamed green beans for dinner, and it was just terribly nice. Hope and I hadn't seen each other in ages, due to crazy mismatching schedules.

Life is good. Hectic, but good.
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