September 19th, 2006


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It's been three years, by our reckoning, and I'm a happy girl. I have a partner, someone I trust, someone who gets me and supports me in all my endeavors. We agree on enough things to keep it harmonious and disagree enough to keep it interesting. I go to bed each day and wake up each morning feeling loved, and that's something, right there.

Happy anniversary, sweetie. I love you. :)

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Last night, we had chicken soup for dinner, and we made up this roll recipe to go with it, cut in half and using the bread machine to mix the dough and for the first rise. We were a little skeptical about them when the dough came out of the machine, because it was very sticky - almost to the point of being a batter, not a dough - but we let the dough go through the second rise, and I kneeded in a little flour when I was forming the rolls, and they turned out very very nicely, with a good thick crust and chewy but light insides, which was precisely what we wanted. Next time we make them, I'll add another quarter cup or so of flour and see if that helps the dough, but we ended up very pleased. One less thing we have to buy commercially... :)

Today has been a pleasent, quiet little day. I had to go to the class I'm TAing for in the morning. We made tacos for lunch and watched some Voyager. We had a nice little coffee date at Barnes and Noble, and did a little grocery shopping at Deep Roots. I've done some homework, and there's vegeterian chilli and corn cakes on tap for dinner. Life is good.

My theory professor might give us an extension of our group project, which I don't really think we deserve but that I will be very very grateful for. If it happens, that's a ton of stress off my back. Yay!