September 13th, 2006

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Marty is just fascinated with the rain; she's acting like she's never seen it before. Earlier this morning, she was sitting in the windowsill next to my desk. She'd look at the rain, and then look at me, and "Mrrrowwww?" in her "I'm not quite sure about this" trill, and then look back at the rain. So. cute. :)

We were in Petsmart picking up food for our monsters... Sunday? Yea, Sunday. (This weekend is a blur due to the 17-page theory essay I wrote.) They donate space to an animal hospital that adopts out adult cats, and there was a volunteer there cleaning the cages, so we got to go in and say hi to the kitties. Oh, man. I hate going in there, because I always end up a little teary; they're always such beautiful cats and I want to bring them all home with me right now, but that's not anything in the realm of possibility. So we just talked sweetly to them for a bit and gave them some attention before we went on, but... yarg. Poor cats.
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It's 63 and raining. Hello, fall.

I'm actively looking forward to the cold weather this year, I think mostly because yesterday when it was in the mid-60s all day, I arrived on campus on my bike and I wasn't dripping. Someone remind me of this when I'm complaining about biking in 20 degree weather and arriving on campus ice cube style?

also, dear self: posting on LJ is not getting your homework done. ahem. Do I need to gank your network connection?

i'm living with MacGuyver

Jeff just recharged some watch batteries (the kind that go in the laser pointer, that aren't supposed to be rechargable) with two butter knives, one clamp, and an adjustable voltage AC adapter.
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