August 21st, 2006

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Oh, for the love of muffins: the guide for the statistical software I have to use (though I think the guide itself is aimed at undergraduates) just gave us instructions on how to compute a percentage. Not, you know, in the computer program, just in general. In case I've managed to get to college without knowing that. *facepalm* No wonder my BA is worth less and less every year...

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Eventually, bike riding will become another thing I do, and not an event. Until then, I learned more things on my rides today:

1. Just because you are legally a vehicle, and you know that you're legally a vehicle, does not mean that people in cars know or care about that, even in areas with a fair number of bikes.
1b. You are legally a vehicle. That means you need to pay attention to things that you don't on foot, like, oh, stop signs.
2. There is no shame in walking the bike through the narrow little area on Tate Street that goes underneath the bridge.
3. If you have never biked home before (Jeff picks me up if it's after dark), and you suddenly decide that trying to take the lane in the narrow little area underneath Tate Street is a good idea... note that it's a hill, and you're still wobbly on hills, and just get off the damned bike and walk it up the sidewalk.
4. My butt's a little sore. I might want to swap out the spare padded seat we have this weekend and see if it does a little better.
5. If you haven't eaten much recently, tomato juice is not substantial enough before riding to an evening class, sitting through class, and riding home, unless you want to get home shaky and a little woozy.