August 17th, 2006

(no subject)

My theory professor tonight: "I love being a human... it's so cool."

Theory class was great. It's so amazing, being in an atmosphere where not just the faculty, but the students (to a greater or lesser degree) acknowledge the value of intellectual pursuit.

I rode to campus for class again this evening. Jeff put air in the tires beforehand, and it's amazing what a difference that made. I felt like I was fairly flying along. It was so much fun; I'm starting to want to ride my bike everywhere.

My to-do list is already frightening, and I'm only a week in to my first semester.

I've gotten through the first week.

I need to start sitting down and talking thesis with people very very soon, to see if I what I want to do is even feasible, if I'm biting off more than I can chew, to see what I need to do to get it through the Institutional Review Board, since I'd be collecting data from people. It would certainly be original, and publishable.

I'm very, very tired. Good night, moon.