August 16th, 2006


recent cooking

A few weeks ago, we ordered flour from the chick who resells products from Old Mill of Guilford at the farmer's market, to save us a trip out there. We asked for AP and bread flour, and didn't check the bags when we picked them up. I'm not sure if she misunderstood us or what - the market is pretty noisy - but when we got home, we had AP and whole wheat. Which has turned out to be nice, because I'd never done a whole lot of baking with whole wheat flour and the results lately have been very tasty.

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I bit the bullet and rode to campus tonight (I'd been putting it off because I was scared of traffic and scared of locking up my bike.) Traffic was neglible; I walked through the two big intersections I had to cross. The ride took 20 minutes (after I got underway, I realized that Jeff was right and my tires needed air, so that'll probably be shorter tomorrow after we fill my tires) (also, it would have been a couple minutes shorter, but I forgot which side of the parking lot the bike racks were on and rode around a block I didn't need to) and locking it up was painless and took 2. This is a much better alternative to the 35 minute walk. I'm pleased, and happy.

I owe people comments. Tomorrow. You're all very sweet. :) I'm going to go face plant into my pillow, though.
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