August 3rd, 2006


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jeni came down to visit for the day today. It was a nice, relaxed day. It was good to see her and have some company around, even if we didn't do a whole lot of anything. I took the bus in to meet her at the train station (the train station, Greyhound station, and GTA depot are all the same building, which is way handy), and then we hopped a bus back to the house. I made up breakfast burritos for, well, breakfast. We drank tea and took measurements for her dress (which is going to be beautiful... :) ) We eventually rode down to the mall with Jeff and had Sonic for lunch (mmm, lime-aid) and wandered around in a quest for bridesmaid's clothes (Jeff retreated to Borders.) We were successful in finding a skirt that is going to work, but not a top (finding a plain red dressy top should not be this hard.) We bussed home, sat around for awhile chatting and poking around online on the quest for the bridesmaid shirt, and then it was time for us to go deposit Jeni back at the train station.

It was a good day.

I discovere the joy of Torrid today; Four Seasons has one. I was trying on a possibility for the bridesmaid's shirt, and they asked what size I needed. "Well, I'm around an 18 in women's..." "Great! Here, you're a 2." "A 2?!" I know the numbers are completely arbitrary, but that still made me giggle.

The rest of the evening is slated to be a date with a frozen pizza (that, plus the Sonic for lunch, makes my junk food allowance for awhile), some port, my guy, and some Netflix. Like most nights, these days, but that's not a bad thing. :)

Have I mentioned how much I love my life? This summer hasn't been the greatest one on record, but I have a great guy, great cats, a great relationship with my family, a great graduate program to start in the field that I want to make my life's work, and the money to do it. A girl can't complain about all that.