July 29th, 2006

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I had a nightmare this morning right before I woke up that I'd ridden my bike to campus and had a wreck going down some stairs. Little tiny ceramic style pieces were falling off of it, like a whole box's worth (a box appeared from somewhere in the dream.) I didn't have my phone on me because I hadn't wanted to carry it, and I didn't want to leave the bike to go find a computer lab to email Jeff, and I was running an hour late for my South Asian Myth class that I took last semester. However, a guy that I went to middle and high school with happened to be passing by, and I borrowed his phone to call my mom (whose number is the only phone number I have memorized) to get her to call Jeff to come get me. I woke up when I was doing that.

I don't have to be Freud to interpret this; I'm planning on using my bike as my main transportation to campus (it's walkable, but biking will be faster) and I'm nervous about it. Nervous about dealing with traffic, nervous about the bike getting stolen. I'll get over it once I start doing it; after all, tons of people use bikes for their primary transit every day, in cities with a lot more traffic than Greensboro. One of the things on "the list" for the next couple of weeks is testing out prospective routes to campus together, so things should be just fine, once we get on with that.

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We just got back in from our farmer's market run, and while I was inside putting away stuff, Jeff was out moving the truck around. The son of the woman who lives two doors down from us (whose grandson was the one who called the cops when the house got broken into) stopped to let Jeff know that he had been sorry to hear what had happened, and he wanted to let us know that the rest of the neighborhood "wasn't like that."

I feel a lot more welcome, all of a sudden.

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I was outside 15 minutes, and came away with seven eight (just found another) mosquito bites. Ouch. We need to keep the grass on the side of the yard trimmed up better.
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