July 23rd, 2006


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Ten things about me (because I'm feeling kind of chatty this morning, but don't have much to say. Lately, I go to work, I come home, I read, I knit, I game, it's time for bed. Rinse, repeat. Yesterday was the farmer's market, dishes, cleaning the office, knitting, reading, gaming, chicken soup for dinner, West Wing, and bed.)

1. I drink my coffee either black, or with cream or milk and sweetener. I cannot stand coffee with just sweetener in it.
2. I have taken classes in German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. I was uniformly bad at all of them. Lately, though, I've been feeling ambitious and pondering Arabic. I'm not sure how realistic this is. Right now, it's a moot point until I find somewhere that offers classes in it; both UNC-G and A&T do not.
3. I don't memorize well (which is probably why I'm lousy at languages.) To put it into computer terms, I have no memory buffer. If someone is, say, rattling off a number at me, after about three digits, I have to write them down or it's not going to stick. I'm the same way with directions. I used to think I had no sense of direction, because I get lost easily. However, give me a map or proper directions, and I'm fine. If I'm expected to remember directions to somewhere I haven't been many, many times, I'm screwed.
4. I was not a pet person until I had two cats of my own. Now, I love them (cats, at least.)
5. I have a pathological hatred of clipping my toenails and fingernails.
6. At various points in my life, I've wanted to be a professional football player, a firefighter, a cop, a hostage negotiator, an alternative energy engineer, a special effects tech, a photographer, a web programmer, and an interpreter. These days, I'll settle for sociology professor. :)
7. I run cold-blooded. I tend to like it much warmer than most people, which has driven various and sundry roommates crazy. Left to my own devices, I won't turn on the AC until it hits the high 80s and humid.
8. I have actually worked as a teacher at a middle school summer enrichment program, a stage hand and lighting tech (something I still miss), a computer lab monitor, a software support guru, a help desker, a computer hardware tech, customer support for DirecttT, phone help desk at a small ISP, assistant manager at a pizza place (if it weren't for the crappy other assistant mgr, I might still be there), more tech support (high level and well paid, that time), a NOC tech, admin assistant and data entry at a non-profit, briefly as a sales clerk for a music box store, proofreader and writer at a non-profit, customer support at nintendo, sales clerk at Godiva, volunteer coordinator at a non-profit (oh, how did that suck), admin assistant for personal injury lawyers, bookkeeper at a small design firm, door guard at a gym, an office temp at various places, and a tutor for athletes.
9. I hate all melons except for watermelon.
10. I hate heights. I feel queasy when I'm more than 4 feet or so off the ground. One day, I intend to deal with this by learning how to rock climb.