July 4th, 2006

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Over the last six months to a year, Jeff and I have been making efforts to live in a more green and sustainable fashion, and support our local economy more. It's the beginning of July, and the mid-point of the year, so it's a good time to think about what we've been doing and what we would like to do.

What we've done

- switched to biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, laundry soap (which happens to be local, too), toothpaste, body wash and body soap. We're still using up the last of the crappy household cleaners.
- switched to non-disposable menstral products
- switched to non-disposable razors
- put flourescent bulbs in the lights that will take them
- began eating more locally, more organically, and eating less prepackaged foods; cooking more and going out much less
- began using earth friendly cat litter
- started a small container garden

What we'd like to do

- switch to a local credit union. This will happen before school starts, though I'm going to have to keep my bank accounts open until November, because they owe me money from an incentive program that's going to get paid out once a year.)
- start riding our bikes again, and for me, making biking part of my weekly transportation routine
- continue reducing our dependence on prepackaged convience foods. Things we want to develop or find recipes for, and then get into the habit of making, include homemade breakfast bars, yogurt, sandwich bread, croutons (already have a good recipe and technique, just need to make it a habit), frozen pizza, tortillas, cream of X soup, onion soup mix, hot chocolate mix, mayonnaise
- learn how to make our own butter and cheese. This won't be an all the time thing, but it would be nice to do occasionally.
- continue eating more locally and more organically and spending money at local businesses on food. In May, 61 percent of our food dollars (food dollars includes some non-food items, in our case; I want to start splitting those out in the accounting) went to conventional, non-local sources. For June, it was 71. I'd love to have that down to 50 by the end of the year.
- learn to can and preserve
- spend more local money in general. Try to spend less money at big box stores and more at local businesses.
- eat less meat
- learn to maintain a healthy compost heap
- expand the container garden
- try biodegradable cat litter
- try to make a solar oven

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I have to give our neighbors credit: they know how to have fun and have a good time and make a little noise (or, tonight, a lot of noise) on holidays, and they know how to shut the hell up when it starts getting late, too. It was also right after 10 on Memorial Day when they cut it out, too, and I can deal with that.

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Today was a good day. I love days off, because I get to make real breakfast and sleep in. :) In the afternoon, we went out to my parents, where there was Uno and way too much food and Spades with the sisters and my cousin Andrew. It was a good day.

However, my mind has been firmly convinced it was Saturday all day today, despite having gone to work yesterday, since I had off today. Since my brain is mistaken in this, I should get to bed, no matter how much I don't want to. G'night, moon.
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