June 25th, 2006

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Today, we managed to get some good sleep (the dark circles under my eyes are almost gone, huzzah), got the Ranger unloaded, did a ton of laundry (and I have a ton more to do; the dimwits left the closet door in the office open, and the kittens, who are normally very good about such things, peed over a large swatch of clothes that were folded and on the floor of the closet, presumably because they were freaked out. Dear dimwits: I hate you, more than anything else, for scaring my cats. Frag off.), did some cursory grocery shopping, ate terriyaki for dinner, worked on getting the house cleaned up some, balanced the checkbook from vacation, loved on our cats, and picked up Jeff's car from Hope's house. It was a decent day, and quiet; I can't complain.

madgenius, in a move that lives up to his name, just jury-rigged a power supply for the wireless router with paper clips. nder, you would be proud.

I have work tomorrow, and since I'm a lowly temp, presumably I'll have no 'net access. I hope everyone has a lovely Monday, or something. :)