June 15th, 2006


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Something I forgot to mention about the flight: we were served, with our little in-flight snack tray (which is dumb; please, for the love of Bob, knock $10 of my ticket and rely on me to bring trail mix with me, instead), doll sized buttermilk and herb "crostini" and "harvarti-flavored processed cheese spread." ... Yes, it was really as bad as it sounds; they would have done well to have stuck to "cheddar" flavored, because that stuff's usually tolerable.

Yesterday, we got picked up by Jeff's mom and stepdad and a neighbor, and went back down to where they lived, and picked up the truck we're buying from the mom. We took her out for some lunch (biscuits and gravy and home fries, num) and got to hang out with her for awhile, which was very nice. We visited Jeff's storage unit and did a survey of what we need to do (answer: not nearly as much as we thought, yay) before heading over to Ginger and Dan's house. Ari came over, Dan made us his famous sweet and sour chicken for dinner, and we told stories (I had forgotten just how funny pyran is in person.) Eventually, we decided we needed dessert. We tried the Melting Pot, but wouldn't get a table for half an hour, so we thought we'd try Cold Stone, but it turned out they closed at nine and it was 9:02, so Ginger remembered that there was a Dairy Queen in Factoria. The dessert demons got their ice cream and all was well.

I've been sleeping like a damned rock for the last couple of days, much better than I do at home.

I am readingish LJ, but I am commenting very little.

We are having a lovely time.