June 10th, 2006


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Hope had a used bookstore she wanted to check out this morning, so we went. Holy heck, it was nice. Clean, well lit, organized, and with lots of counter help - things I don't always expect out of used bookstores. I was good, since I don't need to be spending too much money on book right now, but got two Ken Follet books for ten cents each, a copy of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch, since mine got lost in one of the moves, and a paperback copy of Quicksilver ($3! for a book that went new for $16! I can't beat that on Amazon Marketplace, since book shipping there is $3.49. This way, I can give the library their copy back, and if it takes me six months to get through it, then it's no big deal.) It wasn't Reader's Corner, but it was very nice. We'll be going back.

I finally got my copy of the actual book for the book club this month from the library, so maybe I'll get that read this century and be able to contribute intelligently to a discussion of it. Next month's book is in the stack for the trip, so I'll actually be done on time for once.

I've been wibbling on books to take on the trip. The stack keeps growing, which isn't very practical. Since we've decided to check bags (I hate hate hate checking luggage, but we need sheets and stuffs for the trip back, and we didn't get on the ball about shipping a box out to ourselves) I'm going to have more space in my bookbag, and I keep (unsuccessfully) telling myself that I shouldn't fill it up with books. I always over pack books on trips, out of fear that I'm going to end up with nothing to read, but I'm trying not to this time. There are book stores in Seattle, after all...
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