June 1st, 2006

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One of these days, I will get past moving myself and/or other people in the middle of the night. There was one more trip than we thought there would be, so we opted for quietly packing it up tonight instead of trying to get it in early early tomorrow morning before the office opened. We are now tired. However, we are done in Raleigh, keys are in the drop box, huzzah and hurray.


No matter how late I'm up the night before (and I don't stay up late very much anymore) I just can't sleep that late, either. There's definitely a nap in my future this afternoon...
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I had a pile of books in at the library, so I hopped a bus and went into downtown to pick them up (and pay rent, while I was at it.) The magic of public transit will never cease to amaze me - I get on a bus, give them a dollar or swipe my pass, read my book, and suddenly, I'm where I want to be. Magic. :)

I also happened across a yarn store and a used bookstore in downtown. I showed great restaint and came away with nothing from both. But now I know where they are... :)