May 25th, 2006

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The Greensboro Transit Authority, after a couple of runs, is impressive. It runs like clockwork, the drivers are polite and friendly, it goes where I need it to, and there's reasonable evening and weekend service. It's still not the quickest way to get anywhere, mostly because all the buses run through the central hub, but it's not bad. Being able to count on the buses to be reasonably on time is a huge improvement over Raleigh, where the only thing you could count on was that the buses would be late (up to half an hour, at times.) And the buses are packed, too; I got on the 11:00 bus to come home (after getting off the 10:56 bus into the transit sation; timed transfers, who would have thought) and it was standing room only. Mid-day buses in Raleigh rattle around empty.

I'm pleased. It will still be much more convienent when I have my license, especially mid-day, but in the meantime, I can get around. Woot.