May 24th, 2006


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Dinner tonight is Balinese Rice Salad, from the Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special.

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Local green pepper and sprouts; some of the rest brought at a local business (Deep Roots.)

The verdict? I think it's just fabulous. Jeff said it was very tasty. It was sweet and sour (though more sweet than sour) and complex. More cashews would have been nice, and more raisins (half a cup of raisins just got lost in everything else, though very very tasty when I stumbled across one.) I hate to say this, because part of the reason for fixing this sort of thing is to work in eating less meat, but it would be lovely with some grilled shrimp (or tofu. Hrms. And Jeff suggests turkey.) It was tasty meatless, but also would have been good with meat for a heartier dinner. I'll make this again, but probably at a half batch (it really did make a ton, something I always manage to forget about this cookbook); it would make excellent tote-able lunch.