May 11th, 2006


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Dear self:

If you ever, ever, think about wearing new high heeled loafers without socks again... don't. mmmkay?




Dear sun:

We miss you. We need you. The cats want you. My laundry cries out for you. Please, please come back.



(no subject)

I'd lost my reading mojo lately; reading for school for the last couple of months had killed it. I've been reading plenty, but if I wasn't getting graded on it, it wasn't getting read. Even after the semester was pretty well done, I couldn't bear to look at a book, which is weird for me.

But, I got a stack of stuff at the library on Tuesday, figuring I'd want to read something out of it, and I actually started a book Tuesday and finished it today. So, yay. Maybe the spell of not-reading (almost two months since I'd finished any pleasure reading) is broken.