April 21st, 2006

not dead yet

I'm not sure where this week has gone. This and that:

- I've been getting homework done this week, slowly, though not enough. I'm having a prayer meeting with it this weekend, starting this afternoon. It's really not that bad, if I just make myself get on the stick. I have one paper that is a third done, one rough draft that needs heavy revisions, and one paper for which I need to read 250 pages of Buddha's adventures first, due over the next week and a half to two weeks. This is actually doable - I can crank out papers pretty quick - if I sit down and just do it. Luckily, work is letting up this coming week.
- All work and no play is no good for the Joyce. I get to eat lunch with Jessie and Daniel today and we get to go over to Dwaine and Heather's tomorrow. Woot! :)
- Somewhere in here, we need to pack. Oy.
- I'm out of veggie juice. We were actually in Whole Foods last night, and I still forgot. Feh. :)
- In Whole Foods last night, we probably had more fun than anyone should smelling the really amazing organic loose teas. Oh my word, there was some amazing stuff. I was faintly high at the end of it.
- I got my graduation announcements in the mail yesterday. Woooooooooot.
- I have Morning Thunder tea.

And it's time for me to run off and deal with yon football players...
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And it's the return of the travel icon, something I haven't had much cause to use over the last couple years. :)

- It looks like Jeff and I are going to be in Seattle somewhere during the time of June 14th to June 20th-ish. He is buying a truck from his mom, and we're going out to pick it up (hey seattlejo, check your email.) The standard disclaimer applies: I am going to try to see as much of everyone as possible, but we're only going to have a few days, and we have some stuff we need to take care of. So. :) The only thing on my must do list is to visit Market Spice (though I won't object to getting to eat at Cedar's, either. :) )
- It looks like I'm going make good on my threats of the last couple of years and come to GenCon this year. I can see folks I want to see when they're not gaming (people have to eat sometime, right) and I'm sure I can entertain myself in Indy when they're gaming. It's the weekend before school starts, so it'll be a good weekend to run away and have some fun. Woot. :)

All of this leads up to, I think I'm looking to replace my beloved red LL Bean bookbag. Ten years have left the waterproofing shot, there are holes in the bag, it has no structure, which is bad for my back, blah blah blah. I specifically want a laptop bookbag, not an over the shoulder laptop bag, since I anticipate hauling the laptop back and forth to school more this fall than I do now. Anyone have a favorite bag to recommend? Right now, I'm leaning towards this or this (both of which have good reviews) but am open to suggestions. (And I'm glad I didn't order one yesterday, because they're both cheaper today.) I specifically want a laptop bookbag, and something with multiple compartments, be they small or large, would be nice.
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