April 13th, 2006

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"Spring holiday" is wonderful, because it comes precisely when you need a long weekend to get caught up on everything. Last year Easter was early, so spring holiday was two weeks after spring break, which made March a really short month and April really long. This year, the timing is much better - there's two weeks left in the semester, and if I do homework like a madwoman this weekend, then I should be in good shape for the rest of the semester and exams and be able to work on things like, oh, packing.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that I have today and tomorrow off, just when I needed it. Woot.
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Holy crap. How did I end up getting down to having 400 megs free on my hard drive? Better yet, what in the world do I have stored in 18 gigs of space?
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today was a good day

I got household stuff done in the morning, miscellaneous chores, and some homework. We ran up to Greensboro - in as much as an hour and a half drive in a "running up" - and handed over money and signed lease; we get keys the first week in May. Then we went to Jeni and Huxley's house and ate much dinner, including really delicious ham, drank some wine, and did some chattering. Very, very tired now, and very pleased that lease is signed. Bed is imminent.

Oh, and while researching religious options in Greensboro, I came across this: "The rural setting of the Greensboro Buddhist Center enhances its serene atmosphere despite its location in one of North Carolina's largest metropolises." We have metropolises in this state?