March 3rd, 2006

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Good: sheeplass is right. Denim needles will cut like butter through anything. Problem solved.

Bad: I haven't been sewing enough lately, and so when my bobbin thread ran out, I was a little hazy on how to rethread it. I thought I was doing it correctly, but apparently wasn't, and in the process of trying to pull the thread back up... broke on of my new denim needles. *headdesk*

Once I have the machine threaded (and now that I have proper needles) I'm fine. Yargh. Does anyone want to come save me from my sewing machine this week? artisanal_xara, you've been sewing a bit recently, right?

The lesson here is that I need to 1) learn how to use my machine properly, finally, instead of just knowing enough to do a hem or something and 2) I need to sew more often. Yarg.