February 17th, 2006

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There's seem to be enough interest, so: the Brown Bag Lunch community is up. I'll make it pretty and add stuff to the userinfo later. I've left it open membership for now, so feel free to point other people at it; as long as we don't end up with 234235235234234 members like cooking or knitting, I'll be happy. :)
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I bought cocoa powder so that I could make chocolate chip muffins, and appear to have left it on the conveyor belt at Food Lion when I was bagging my groceries. *facepalm* On the other hand, I couldn't make muffins right now anyhow, because we're low on eggs (we go through eggs at a rediculous rate.) Still, feh.

On the other other hand, it's amazingly gorgeous out there, and I have the heat off and the windows open, so it's hard to be too annoyed about much of anything right now. :)
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