February 16th, 2006

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I woke up with a strange desire to actually dress like a grownup today - something I'm not willing to do very often, because who wants to run around campus all day in dress clothes - so I am. Pinestripe pants, blue button-down shirt. We'll see how long the hair stays down.

Of course, it's hard to maintain the illusion to yourself that you're a grownup when it takes five minutes to find two matching clean socks.
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We've been having a string of weeks lately when it's completely lovely during the week, and then crap on the weekends, and this week looks to be no exception. It was 73 and gorgeous and sunny today (my last tutoring appointment and I were both crawling the walls in the computer lab) but it's supposed to be down to 45, according to weather.com, or 38 and SNOWING, according to accuweather.com (which is what feeds weather fox) for Saturday, the day that we actually have off together and could go biking or hiking or something.

Dear weather gods:
why do you torture me so?
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It seems like there's at least a couple people on my friends list who are taking their lunches to work/school/daily activities more in an effort to save money/eat better/save time/other reasons (or pack lunches for people who do). I take my lunch most of the time, and find myself getting bored fast with what I'm taking; it gets to be all too easy to fall prey to the fast food monster, or worse, eating a banana and a granola bar for lunch (which I did far too much last semester.) I know LJ needs another community like Kitty Hawk needs more sand, but would anyone else find a brown bag lunch community, where recipes, ideas, and general motivation can be exchanged?
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