February 3rd, 2006

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Dear lords and ladies of the sewing machine (I know at I have at least a couple on my friends list):

I own a sewing machine (a White 1521, to be precise). I know nothing at all about the model, because it was a Christmas gift from my wonderful mom. I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. I would use it more often, but every time I try to sew anything heavier than your standard cotton, the needle breaks. Last time it did this, I assumed it was because I was trying to run denium through the machine (light weight denium, but still) and that the denium was just too heavy for the machine in question. However, I just broke a needle 2 inches into a seam on some light to medium weight hemp, which isn't much heavier than cotton. The needles in question as "SewPerfect 4 Standard Point Sewing Machine Needles, Size 14". I know it's difficult to disagnose problem without being able to see what's going on, but does anyone have any ideas? Do I simply have a wimpy machine? Are my needles being inserted incorrectly? Could the machine be misthreaded, putting undue pressure on the needle? I'd appreciate any ideas that anyone might have, and so would the grocery bags that are in progress.

Alternately, I'm willing to bribe someone local (baked goods, cooking dinner, booze) to come take a look at the beast.


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calzones, part II

So, we tried making homemade calzones again tonight, and they went much better than last time. I took the lovely arlydwycka's advice and I used pizza dough this time, and they rose much better, sealed much better, and turned out with just the right texture and taste. We'll definitely keep using the pizza dough.

Note to self: 350 degrees, 30 minutes. They even did the whole "sound hollow when you tap them on the bottom" thing.

Mine were ricotta, mozerella, mushrooms, spinach. Jeff's were turkey pepperoni and mozerella. Both kinds were really, really good. We can mark this off the list of things we previously needed to go out for. :)