January 29th, 2006

(no subject)

Today was mostly lazy - Next Gen, reading, video games, homework. I had a work meeting in the evening (oh, the bliss of having a job where one can feel like one's boss actually listens), and we did Quizno's for dinner and Target for cat food and just getting out of the house for a few minutes. My swimsuit badly needs to be replaced (I had to sew up a couple of places after an unfortunate incident with the swimsuit dryer at the gym, and it's in general crazy worn out and worn thin) but Target didn't have anything decent. (Dear Target: women do more than just sit on beaches in swimsuits, you know. They, you know, swim. Which means they need swimsuits with things like chest support in them. Bite me.) (Of course, this is what I get for looking for a swimsuit at Target.)