January 18th, 2006

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My work schedule went to hell today. It's going to get straightened out, but, meh.

Today's lesson is that I cannot put off my reading for my South Asian Myth class until the last minute (to be fair, I marginally tried to do it over the weekend, but Visnu and his friends kept putting me to sleep.) While there are worse things than spending Wednesday afternoon holed up in the library getting it done, there are also better. This is especially important next month, when we are covering the 600 page Ramayana in three weeks. Oy.

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Also, I want chocolate. Badly enough to actually go feed the vending machine, something that my improving dietary habits is trying to avoid. However, I fed all of my available cash to my Wolfcopy card this morning so that I could copy a book for a class. Meh.

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