January 16th, 2006


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I have a whole, lovely, fracking day to myself at home. By myself. This, is bliss. I was going to go out and wander around for awhile, because I can, but I think I'd rather stay home and enjoy having the house to myself instead. The errands will wait. (And here we pause to consider why I have a day off. Dr. King, above all else, was a man who said "Something has to change, and I'm going to be one of the people to change it." If more of us were like that, (and here, dear self, you need to pay attention) a lot more would get done.)

(Here I'm reminded of yesterday, when we took our own cloth bags to the Kroger. I set the bags down on the conveyor belt and blithely told the bagger that the milk and potatoes didn't need bagging. He turned the bags over and over and over, as if he was wondering what the hell to do with them. He finally did start, you know, bagging groceries in them, so score one small point for us.)

I have stuff that has to get done today:

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So last night we had Jessie and Daniel over for dinner. It was a good visit, and it was good to see them. Dinner was homemade enchiladas (beef for the guys, potato/spinach for the girls), pan roasted corn, steam green beans, and chocolate bread pudding with caramel sauce for dessert. Dessert broke my normal rule of not serving new recipes to guests, but I figure with dessert that's more forgivable. It turned out really, really excellent, so I'm glad I made it. :)

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