January 11th, 2006

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So, yesterday I had to go give State back a book that hadn't circulated in like, nine years. Of course, I'd had it for two months and hadn't gotten around to reading it either, but I'm going to, really, so I'm going to go back and get it tomorrow or Friday. Undergraduates get one month at a time and one renewal on books, grad students get two... so when I checked to see if State had a certain book this morning and it isn't due until April, I have to wonder who the hell is getting to check out books for three months at a time. Hrmph. :)
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In just about the stupidest thing I've done on the NCSU Return tour, I managed to buy the wrong books for a class. *facepalm* You see, there's REL298Z, Hindu Devotionalism, and REL298X, South Asian Myth, that I'm taking, both taught by the same instructor. These are subject matters that are going to have some overlap, and when you look up the classes on the bookstore's website, it doesn't give the class name, just the instructor and number, and so yea, I bought Z's books, not X's. Yarg. Fortunately, the right books are not too expensive, and I can put the ones I bought back on Amazon marketplace.

Or I could just keep them, because they look really neat...