joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, this past week, I lived through the first week of classes at the uni. I was not terribly on top of my game, but the students still seem to think I'm akin to sliced bread (I got high praise from a stats student: "You still remember what it's like to be a student, don't you?"), so, I'll take it.

Tomorrow is the first day of the academic probation classes, but it's easy - staff from academic services takes up most of the day. My main role tomorrow is to show up (reasonably) professionally dressed and to be reassuring. I can handle that.

I did a lot of ODing on Veronica Mars and knitting this weekend.

We found our first geocache today. :) Of course, then we promptly did not find the next two we looked for, but, still.
Tags: ate soup, geocaching, teaching

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