joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday at the farmer's market resulted in:

- eggs
- potatoes
- Italian sausage (which ended up going in the freezer, because we accidentally bought the spicy stuff, so out to Earth Fare we went)
- ground beef
- chicken breast
- spring mix

possible meals this week:

- lasagna (Saturday night. homemade pasta. very tasty)
- scallops, corn, salad (Val got a pound of scallops yesterday. Yes, sometimes I'm a very lucky girl) [never made the scallops, they're in the freezer]
- Shepard's pie
- meatloaf
- something Asiany - chicken & vegetable stir fry and rice or udon
- salad [chicken Caesar, Sunday night]
- chickpea patties [Monday night, and then I ate them for lunch all week. Noms.]
- tacos [Friday night]
- falling apart roast [Thursday night, in the crockpot, thank you Jeff's mom]
- sausage & potatoes [Wednesday night, thank you Jeff's mom]

I need to sort out what's for lunch this week.
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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