December 30th, 2005


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Good stuffs:

- it's Friday
- I got sleep last night
- I have a four day weekend
- one of my sisters might come visit this weekend
- it's payday
- it's new year's eve eve
- party tonight :)
- i only have to work four hours today
- the dress code is relaxed at work this week, so I can wear the pink sweatpants of doom
- new book to read

wheeee :)

(no subject)

Lesson learned tonight: if I'm going to discuss theology with someone who's graduated from Lutheran seminary and the son of a Baptist preacher, I have a lot to learn. :) Also, the gnostic gospels have been mentioned in my life twice in three days. I need to get to it.

Good party. Good to see rao and rhiannonstone and lots of other people I don't see often. Tired now.