December 2nd, 2005


this and that

So I've been hiding under a pile of books and school and work lately. I get to come out again this coming Thursday. Between now and then, I need to take three finals, finish a ten page term paper (about half done) and write a 7 to 10 page take home final I got yesterday. I'm taking tonight off (port, terriyaki, fruit salad, really excellent cheese, video games, books, Next Gen, natch) and then busting ass until Thursday.

I've been exercising a lot this week, after a long time of neglecting such things when school got insane. I always forget what a drug exercise is, both in making you feel better and in sheer addictive value. I need to remember that when school gets insanely busy, exercise is not the thing to go, since it helps with the stress levels.

I've been dragging my ass on the whole grad school thing. One of my profs gave me my (sealed) rec yesterday, which reminded me that I need to get back on top of things and get it done, if I'm going to try to get money out of them. I need to:

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I got my independent study for next semester mostly settled with the professor who is sponsoring it yesterday. For the first half of the semster, we're studying historical perspectives on suicide bombers and matyrs, and for the second half we're going to work on determining if the Crusades qualify as a terrorist action. I'm looking forward to it, and my inner geek is very pleased. I'm trolling the religious studies people for reading suggestions, since my prof doesn't know much about the crusades, and then I just need to finalize the reading list and turn the whole thing over to the soc people to get approved. Yay for interesting subjects, and yay for 3 hours class credit without actually having to go to class.

I need to go fill out my blue card for graduation (graduation. DUDE.) I'll do that when I go turn in the independent study paperwork.

Life is pretty good lately. A little tired, and a little stressed, but pretty good. :)