November 30th, 2005


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Dear Marty:

I can almost guarantee you that wasabi peas are not good for cats. Don't give me that look when I keep you from finding out, okay?


the human

p.s. You are so very cute when you fall asleep in my lap. Pity we have my foot pinned under me and it's dying a slow death from lack of circulation.

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I've upped my activity level recently, since I'm going through another round of trying to be more healthy (more to post about that later), and did something really stupid this morning, and didn't eat breakfast. Even though I put some food in me around lunchtime, I felt it all day, and I was still ravenous when I got home. Ugh. I know better than that, though this isn't the first time recently.

A lot of it is timing issues. Part of the problem is my damned thyriod meds. I'm not supposed to eat for an hour after injesting them, an injunction that I ignored for years, but I've been trying to get better about it and I think it helps. Some mornings I don't have an hour at home before I take off for school. I usually through a granola bar or something in my bag and snarf it down when I can, but for one, that's not exactly the best thing for me either, and two, sometimes there isn't time for that, like this morning, when I was running late from getting out of the pool to get to work. Also, I don't face food well first thing in the morning, but I think I'm going to have to get over that.

If I don't take the meds on an empty stomach, I can take them 2 to 3 hours after eating. So I might have to start not taking them first thing, and eating breakfast first instead, waiting a couple hours, popping my meds, then waiting a couple more hours. Which isn't optimal either, but might be more optimal.

I also have to start getting more protein into my breakfasts. The granola bar routine isn't cutting it. Neither will PB&J all the time, because I've been doing that for lunches. One of these days, I will get this whole diet and exercise thing down and organized, and figure out what's best for me.

Oh, on that note (if anyone is still reading), I really want to learn how to lift heavy things. There are some excellent resources online, but I'd still rather have someone watching who knows what they're doing for the first time or two that I do, lest I develop crappy form and do something to hurt myself. Is there anyone local who is at least semi-knowledgable about lifting weights and wouldn't mind doing some tutoring? If you don't go to State, that's fine; we have guest passes that I can purchase to get you in for the day.