November 13th, 2005

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You know, I have such a disconnect between my food and where it comes from that when I'm making a recipe that calls for, oh, for example, pumpkin, and the recipe says "one can pumpkin or one cup fresh pumpking, chopped" I see the latter and think to myself "wait, I can't do that. you can't just go out and chop up a pumpkin." Which is silly, because of course you can, but in my head, pumpkin comes in cans.

This kind of disconnect between myself and my food and its origins cannot be healthy. It's one of the things I'd like to work on this coming year.
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food, cooking

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- During a discussion about food Friday night, Ambermae pointed me at a recipe for pumpkin soup that a friend of hers had posted. One of the things that we want to do over this winter to try to make life less hectic is to make up a couple of big batches of soup on Sunday afternoon for quick dinners and lunches during the week. So I made a batch tonight, and it is really really good. You can't even really tell that it's pumpkin, it's just really rich and creamy and meaty and good. Ahem.

- Silk Nog also turns out to be really good, though not quite as thick as the dairy stuff. When I'm done with the carton, I'm going to try one of the plethora of vegan eggnog recipes available online.

- Dinner was roasted potatoes and garlic steak. So. Good.