November 6th, 2005


(no subject)

So yesterday was homework, some Battlestar Gallatica (on which I am thoroughly hooked; *heart* the Netflix), homework, napping, reading, laundry, homework, Deus Ex. In the evening, we went out for arlydwycka's birthday dinner, which was very fun, full of good conversation and good company, and some really damned good food (and now I've finally been to the Irregardless). I had this warm goat cheese salad that was amazing, and Jeff and I split a piece of chocolate almond cake big enough to eat Manhattan. It was a good evening.

Today has been more homework, more reading, more laundry, and a trip to the library. There was a nice nap on the couch (the side effect of the unseasonably nice weather is that my allergies are kicking in, leaving my sinuses scratchy and me feeling oogly. This is unlike me, but at this point, mother nature, please, please bring on the cold so that the trees will stop having sex for a couple months. Please.) At one point, the cats curled up on my chest while I was on the couch and napped out themselves. SO CUTE. And it made it so hard to get up; I snoozed for half an hour more than I meant to, half asleep and scratching the kitties on the ears, listening to them purr.

I'm obstensibly working on my social change term paper, but I've been doing things like reading book reviews instead. Motivation, I miss thee.