October 22nd, 2005

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We got breakfast sausage at BJ's yesterday, because it was a fair bit cheaper than what we normally get, and so it was worth trying. I was feeling a little skeptical about sausage from a warehouse club, but, this stuff is good, chock full of sage and other spices, and tastes a lot like the good country sausage my grandparents used to get. Wow. The steak last night was good, too, which means that I feel a lot more confident about trying their other meat.
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It was a fantastic day. :) We didn't get moving quite as early as we meant to, but eventually, we got on the road to my parents' place. It's Faith's fall break, and we hadn't gotten to see her since mid-summer, so. We sat around with our cousin Anderw and chattered and ate some lunch and played some Settlers and complained about State's football team (well, ok, that was me and dad) and did a little walking around, looking at Dad's land. Dad and Jeff did some work on his car. Mom made burritos for dinner, and then there was more Settlers.

The big event of the day? I drove on the highway. We had to run over to Hope's house to pick up something she'd forgotten, and we were talking about crimmycat's suggestion that maybe some highway time would do me some good on my driving. So when we were pulling off of Hope's road, she told me to take a right instead of a left, and then informed me that we were getting on 40. I didn't freak out - too much. Merging is still problematic - I'm not comfortable enough taking my eyes off the road long enough to look back - but I did fine (there wasn't much traffic), even got up to 65, and even handled being in the third lane over with cars on both sides of me. I was pretty pleased. :) There's still a ways to go, getting me comfortable behind the wheel again, but I'm getting there.
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