October 21st, 2005


this and that

In case you ever wondered, this blanket is an unholy bitch to get started.

Yesterday was 13 hours of school + work. Ugh. I did suceed in my objective of getting two professors agree to fill out recommendations (one of them said "When do you need this? Tuesday?" *blink*) I need to call and find out when my research methods professor has his office hours, since they're not listed on the sociology department's website, and track him down and see if he's willing to write me a letter.

Today I was out of work at 12, due to a bunch of fortuitous circumstances. We ran errands this afternoon, including a stop by Tonya and George's to drop off some dinner (and got to see the wee one in the process; I swear, he keeps getting cuter). We ran into BJ's for groceries. I obtained yarn and needles for the above mentioned pain in the ass blanket. It's going to be gorgeous, if I can ever get it started. Dinner was garlic steak and roasted potatoes, and Battlestar Gallatica.

tyche has loaned me Asimove's Guide to the Bible (thank you, jbmanning, for dropping it off). It looks really good, and it's going to take me 800 years to read it.

The cats are being crack monkeys tonight.

Tommorow we're headed up to my parents for the day, to see my sisters and my cousin, since I haven't seen Faith since something like July. Sunday we're headed down to visit supremegoddess1. In between, I need to work on all the homework I've been slacking on lately. There's no rest for the wicked, yet.