October 18th, 2005

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In my violence and terrorism class today, we watched Hate.com, a documentary about hate crimes, hate groups, and the Internet. Ugh. I feel really dirty now, and sick to my stomach. I'm glad it was only 45 minutes long - much more than that and I would have had to leave. It's amazing how much hate people spew out there, and it's... past disconcerting, to watch them sit on a screen and calmly spill their bile, and actually believe in what they're saying. Facing it dead on is the only way to eventually get rid of hate, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch.
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Work for tonight got called off, since neither of the guys will be there. One of my classes got out 45 minutes today. One of my classes for Thursday got cancelled. I'm not arguing. :)
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