October 6th, 2005

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A lot of times, I knit at my desk, because I like to knit a couple rows, read something for a bit, rinse, repeat. With where the window is, if they yarn is on the desk, the shadows from my knitting end up on the wall next to the desk. The kitties have been trying to catch the shadows for the last couple of days, and see really confused when they can't. It's way too cute. :)

good times

Yesterday, I was off of work at 2 (bliss). Jeff picked me up, and we ran out to Cary to do some errands, including caving and getting a BJ's membership. We saved a good half of the membership fee on tomato sauce - which we go through like water - and a few other odds and ends. And, to top it off, the counter chick told us that there's a money back satisfaction guarantee, so when we just happen to discover that there are no BJs in Greensboro next spring, we can go in and they'll refund the membership fee. Sweet. Some things aren't any cheaper, of course, but there are some things we use a lot that are really, really good deals, so it was more than worth it.

The rest of the evening was Deus Ex, knitting, kielbasa and roasted potatoes for dinner, and watching (and in my case, crying through) What Dreams May Come, which I'd never seen. It was really good, incredibly sad, and utterly surreal in places (like when Robin Williams was tromping over the faces of the people in Hell.)

Today, I've done a little housework and gotten some more knitting done. jbmanning was a sweetheart and brought tyche over to Raleigh for a couple hours. (Thank you, Jessie. :) ) We had sushi for lunch, they let me babble about school and life, we made faces at the babies (so, so cute. Oh my word) and hit Whole Foods so Jill could stock up on some gluten free food goodness. They dropped me off, and I think most of the rest of the afternoon is going to be some combination of knitting, Deus Ex, Next Gen, reading, and maybe a nap, because I'm sleepy. Tomorrow I work for ten hours, but since it's fall break, the gym should be dead, which means I'll be able to get a lot of homework done. At least, that's the plan. :)