October 5th, 2005

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I have entered the land of swatch, and verily, it is good. :) (In other words, I'm actually making a project that needs a swatch, instead of being something in the scarf or blanket family. Which, considering how long I've been knitting, it's about time.)

I hate winter coats. Hate Hate Hate. They're big, often they're ugly, they get in the way when you get to your destination. However, it does get cold around here, and something is necessary. My little fleecy black coat that I purchased from Target in California yon many moons ago just doesn't cut it anymore - it's not warm enough, but there's no room under it for layering, either. So, I started thinking about alternatives, and happened upon this. (By the way, I'm skipping the weird loopy fringe thing. I am not a fringe kind of girl, at least when it comes to wearing knitted objects. It's going to be nice solid basic black, no loops, no trim.) Knitpicks delivered unto me a pile of yarn the other day (not the yarn specified, I'm doing it in double-stranded Wool of the Andes), and I swatched this morning. Double-stranded on 15s very nearly hits gauge - I'll need to adjust by a couple stitches, but that's easy. I like the resultant fabric - it should be plenty warm for fall and have enough room under it for layering in the winter. I'm pleased.

I'm also itching to start, but I need to get to work. At least I'm off at two this afternoon. :)

I still need to get around to making a knitting icon.

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Jeff was sitting here expounding on God, and just as he finished his statement, the heavens opened up and the rain that has been threatening all day started. Coincidence? :)
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