September 22nd, 2005

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Last night was a much needed date night. It was low-key: running out to Target to get kitty stuffs, picking up pizza from Gumby's (I love Gumby's. One large pizza, $6.44 with tax), an episode of Next Gen, and some Deus Ex. It was a good evening.

It's Thursday, and after Thursday comes Friday, and with it, the weekend. And I think that we don't have anything on the calendar this weekend except picking up the kitties. Aaaaaah. :)
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I could have slept so late this morning

My social structures teacher was 25 minutes late this morning, then spent 45 minutes telling us that we're going to study American sociologists. All that he actually told us about them was that they were a second wave of classical social theory, and that W.E.B. DeBois was the man. Not that I disagree, from what I know about him, but we're going to spend a whole day on DeBois next week.

45 minutes of nothing. At least I get extra credit for actually showing up.

Then my cults and sects teacher cancelled class, which is kind of weird. I hope all is okay. But, an email would have been nice, if it was possible.

So, yea. I could have slept until 11 this morning. Which would have been nice. Instead, I'm going to do Islam homework, which is a good idea too. But the sleep would have been better.
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In stupid-joyce-moves, my State ID is in the bag I carried yesterday. Which is not the same bag I carried today. And which I didn't discover until I had pulled 5 books for a term paper and was going down to circulation to check them out. So I had to do what I hate people doing at the gym, and plead with the circulation guy to just look me up. Luckily, he was pretty nice about it.

When I get out of my class, I'm going home and taking a nap before work.