September 19th, 2005

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I have reached that state in my studying for my social structures test where I have a decent grasp on the material, but thinking too hard about it makes it all run together in my head. Yea. I'm going to stop studying, read over my notes one more time in the morning, and hope for the best.

I'm ready for my Islam quiz, other than two particular stances of one particular group tend to elude me. If I look at the notecard before the test, I should be fine.

My editorial is done. I'm over the word limit. I don't care, since the professor has already stated that as long as we do the work decently well, he intends to give us A's.

So all I have left is the final read through on my UFO paper and making sure all the footnotes are correct. Wow. I think everything due tomorrow might actually get done and turned in.
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I hit the page limit on my paper!!! :) I never hit page limits (normally I'm two or three pages over. Most of the time professors don't care, but...) I might manage to make my writing a little less wordy yet.

I'm going to go swoon of happiness now. Or tutor research methods. Or both.