September 18th, 2005


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Friday afternoon, I came home and did some cleaning, and then Amber came over. I am in awe of Amber's mad hostess skills. I was saying "I know something is wrong with this menu, but I don't know what" (for the baby shower), and she listened to what I had and made a few suggestions, and suddenly, it was just right. She also came up with another good game on the spot. We ran to the store and got groceries. We fed her dinner and watched a little Next Gen. Hope rolled in about the time Amber was leaving.

Saturday, Hope got up too early and went and took her Praxis. I got up and cooked the stuff for the shower, and proceeded to drag my feet enough that we were later than I wanted to be, but it ended up working fine. The shower itself went great, thanks to Amber's mad hostessing skills. I learned that no matter how many devilled eggs you make, the group will inhale them all. I also learned that that group loves chicken salad, or at least they did yesterday (canned chicken, chopped fine, grapes, chopped up, slivered almonds, plain yogurt to wet. Serve on Tricuits and Wheat Thins) and that tall cakes, while pretty, are hard to cut. We played a couple games, ate food, chatted, and Tonya opened presents. It was a good afternoon.

We came home, and both Hope and I passed out and took naps. We played some Scrabble, fixed enchiladas for dinner, watched more Next Gen, played more Scrabble, and got more sleep.

This morning, I cooked breakfast, and then Hope took off to head home and go to church. And I need to spend the rest of the day paying the piper for the excellent weekend I've had and do my homework.
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Dear self: next time you have to read a book for a paper, instead of just putting post-it notes on the good quotes, number the post-it notes and make an annotatated list, so that you're not flipping through 50 pages of book, going "I know that was in here somewhere." Got it?


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Paper take one is done. I just need to go back and resolve all the places where I put "[insert quote here]". I don't think I'm going to manage to work Mulder into this paper in a plausible way, after all. :)

Paper writing is a pretty organic thing for me. I don't outline. I don't write things out on paper first. I just kind of jump in feet first, writing out part of the question, then going back and adding stuff in, writing introductions and conclusions last, and putting in stuff like [add the part about the whatsit here]. (One of these days, I'm going to manage to leave one of those in a paper by accident, much to the amusement of the grader. Let us hope that it's not when I write my thesis.) It works, and I do well. It's mildly haphazard, though, and I should probably develop better habits at some point.