September 10th, 2005

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I feel so much better today than I did yesterday. I think between classes and work I was thoroughly overpeopled. An evening of quesidillas, wine, knitting, and video games, and a good night's sleep, seems to have done the trick.

(Of course, between yon high school reunion today and work tonight, that may be undone. Meh.)

I've been on a bit of a knitting jag lately. Clapotis is a little more than halfway done (and so pretty; I will be making this again.) I've been poking at this gray scarf that I've been working on forever - it started out as a simple lace pattern, when my knitting skills were still pretty non-existent. I got disgusted with how much I was messing up and switched to random stitch patterns. Now that it's a couple years later and my knitting is better, I'm going to keep up with the random for a bit then finish up the other end in the lace. The baby blanket is 10 rows away from being done (huzzah! :) )

Speaking of lace, I've been feeling kind of brave lately, and thinking I wouldn't mind trying lace. This is pretty (it's about the only thing on the new Knitty that I like) and doesn't look too bad. Hrms. I'd need to find a yarn sub, but that wouldn't be hard.
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So, we went to my ten year high school reunion today. It was good to see people, even if I was still pretty fried and not feeling very social. I got to show Jeff around the school, which was a lot of why I wanted to go - most of the people I wanted to see, I saw last year (since everyone from my year crashed last year's reunion) or they live around here, so I get to see them anyway. We did not suceed in tracking down Marlene, which was a disappointment.* Or any of the teachers that I wanted to see. I had also forgotten that I managed not to be in the slide show for my senior year at all (halfway through, Jeff leaned over and joked "Are you sure you went to this school?") (He also, when we hit the pictures of the wrestling team, said "I never have gotten the wrestling thing." I grinned and said "We had girl wrestlers." "Oh, well, maybe then..." :) )

It wasn't a bad day. We had to cut out right after the slide show, since I had to go to work. An hour and a half of flipping meeting and team building games. Gah. Now I'm home, and tired, and peopled out, again. It's going to be a long month.

*For those of you who have only recently joined our home audience, I went here. It's a public boarding high school, the first of its kind in the country. Marlene was my student life instructor, which is just a fancy name for hall mother.