September 2nd, 2005

Someone put WAY too much thought into this

So I'm filling out the Red Cross Donation Form, and for the "title" field, in addition to the standard Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs/Dr, they have: Admiral, Ambassador, Bishop, Brother, Captain, Cardinal, Colonel, Commander, Congressman, Congresswoman, Father, General, Governor, Judge, Lieutenant, Lord, Major, Major General, Master, Messrs., President, Professor, Rabbi, Rear Admiral, Reverand, Secretary, Senator, Sargeant, Sister, and The Honorable. Sheesh. Some intern got really bored one day.
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This morning was work. I was out at 12:15, came home, got some lunch. Tonya came over for the afternoon, and we sat around, chatted, knitted, got in the pool, and got milkshakes from Cook-out. Those are all ingredients for a damned fine afternoon. :)

This evening has been some AOE, some music, some poking at the internet, and more knitting. I've done more knitting today than I've done recently, and it's awfully nice. I'm back to the border on the blanket I'm making for Tonya and George's impending wee one, which means I'm almost done, yay! :) This thing is going to be so nice. It's massive, and huge, and soft, and warm. Hopefully it'll last the kid for a good while.

Tomorrow I need to jump on the homework bandwagon. But that's tomorrow. :)
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Nice things to discover: the 295 page book you checked out of the library for a possible paper topic is really only 178 pages, the rest being notes and bibliography. Sweet.

Should yon paper be written about 19th century pro-feminist Christianity, UFO worshippers, Wicca (probably not, since I did a whole paper for this same professor on Paganism in general last spring) or religious eco-feminism?
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