August 31st, 2005

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I have 65 pages to read for Tuesday on The Quran: A Very Short Introduction. I guess in the greater scheme of things, 65 pages is a short introduction to the Quran, but that still doesn't seem very short. :)

South Central deer

So kitiara posted about Collateral the other day, and reminded me that I had wanted to see it and we never did. We've been trying to make Wednesday nights movie night, since I usually have my homework for the week done by then and it's a good night for us to actually spend some time together, since I'm not tutoring until nine-freaking-o-clock on Wednesdays. So we got the movie from Netflix, and it was this week's flick.

It wasn't bad. I was expecting more shoot-em-up - I think the trailer hit every major gun fight scene in the movie - but it was still good. I think it would have been better with John Travolta in Cruise's role, though. Travolta makes a better badass. :)