August 29th, 2005

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1) Margaret Maron's new Deborah Knott book is out, for those of you who read her.

(If you don't, and like mysteries, then you should be. :) Start at the beginning of the series, though, or the family entanglements will never make sense.)

2) My tutoree for Friday wants to take Friday off, so I'm out of work at noon on Friday. Works for me. :)

3) I wish people weren't, you know, dumb. If you hold your finger over the date on the guest pass, I'm going to, you know, take the guest pass from you and look at the date. And when I point out that it's for FRIDAY, don't look up at me, bat your eyelasehes, fake some blonde-bubbleheadness, and say "But I can't use it today?" Sheesh.

4) I don't have to open Thursday or Friday. Huzzah.
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