August 26th, 2005

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The house is mostly fairly clean. The living room is fit for human consumption now, at least. The office is still... less so, but I doubt my parents are going to be spending a whole lot of time in the office, so. :) The recyclables are bagged up and ready to go, too. The bathroom's fairly clean. I've vacuumed. Dishes have been done, and trash taken out. I still need to sweep and mop the kitchen, but I'll do that after we run errands tonight, since the recyclables are currently stacked up in the kitchen. I still need to mom-proof the bedroom, and clean it up to where getting the bed in there isn't going to be a pain. So, there isn't that much left to do. :)

I put on The Italian Job for noise while I was cleaning, so now I'm on the couch with the laptop finishing watching it for the 800th time. Ahhhhh. Homework can resume tomorrow morning at work. :)
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