August 22nd, 2005

this and that

I got home to dinner and a drink waiting for me. I love my Jeff.

The monitor for the study hall insisted on driving me home tonight. Whether she intends to do so three nights a week, I don't know, but I was very grateful for the ride tonight.

We had physical fitness testing in PE today. I didn't mind the actual test itself - everyone was sucking at it, it was dips and there was an utter lack of upper body strength in the room - but the jogging back and forth across the pool (backwards on the way back) sucked, since I was lagging a lot and the instructor was bellowing things like "Speed it up! Let's get moving!" Thank goodness for credit-only grading in PE classes. And for the fact that I actually like to exercise, these days.

The scale told me this morning that I am 0.4 pounds away from one-der-land. I am thrilled. :)
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