August 16th, 2005

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They've gone ahead and filled in the classes that start tomorrow on our online ADAs (an online listing that shows what we need for our degree.) After this semester, I have two (count them, TWO) classes left in my degree.

Second most beautiful sight ever. The most beautiful, of course, will be my actual degree next May.

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I had to open yesterday morning, so I didn't get enough sleep the night before. I was tired by the time I got home, but I was pretty alert and didn't feel especially sleepy. Last night, I got 8 hours of sleep and got to wake up without an alarm, and was sleepy and groggy - like, I could have fallen asleep on the desk groggy - at work, and I'm crazy yawny now that I'm home. This doesn't make sense. :)

One of the goals for the semester is to finally figure out what a good amount of sleep for me is, get into a sleep schedule, and stick to it. One of the other goals is to really start tracking my food again, not just for calories and stuff, but for how I feel when i eat certain things. Because I'm tired of being tired for no good reason.

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So I hopped the bus tonight to go back to campus for work. It was packed full of freshmen coming back from Centennial from some event.

This guy standing next to me decides it's a good idea to mack on two chicks sitting in front of us, and puts on his best "I'm all that" voice. "So, what are y'all doing tonight?" The girls hesitate, and one of them says "Oh, I don't know" and the other says "Well, we have classes tomorrow" to which the guy replies "So? It's college. You can blow classes off." Oy. Luckily, the girls were smart enough to blow him off (thank you, Misty), and he moved up the aisle to try again.

In other news, I addressed a room full of a 100+ people tonight during the recruitment meeting for the gym, and managed not to freeze up, and spoke coherent English the entire time, and even (apparently) didn't talk that fast. I am pleased. I get to do it again tomorrow night, too. :)