August 11th, 2005


lazy day

I've been muttering all summer about how I've been bored and want classes to start. Classes start next Wednesday, and now I'm mentally mourning the loss of my free time. Humans, especially this one, are fickle creatures.

It's the week between summer session and fall, which means that my work schedule is more jacked up than normal, since there's no tutoring hours and I've been picking up hours at the gym willy nilly. It also means that no buses besides the Centennial shuttles are running, which means that I'm doing even more walking back and forth to campus. I had to be at work at 6, so I walked there, did two bleary-eyed hours at the front desk, during which I never really woke up, walked home, and went straight back to bed. Since then, I've been alternately reading, playing AOE, reading LJ, getting fragged, and knitting. And I ended up taking a second nap. Oh, and we went swimming. And I started some roasted tomatoes for sauce (which I should go finish up before I have to be back at work at 6.) It's been an exceptionally nice lazy end of summer day.

(no subject)

Good lessons learned tonight, both related to "if you don't ask, you won't get":

1. If I wander into the office and wonder out loud if one of the people sitting would like to work my walking shift so I can sit and read my book, someone will more than likely jump on that bargain. :)
2. One of the supervisors lives up the hill from me and is more than happy to give me a ride home when we're both closing.

Also, I'm 200 pages into book five, and for some reason, this book is making me collasally impatient, probably because part of the main characters are being stupid teenagers, and part of the main characters are being stupid and/or mean adults. I never flip to the back of books and see what happens, and normally spoilers urk me, but I'm rather tempted in this case.